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Monday, August 09, 2010

DIY: How to install a screen protector perfectly

Below are the video guide from youtube of the method and technique on how to install a screen protector perfectly.
* How to apply
* How to troubleshoot

Things needed:
- cloth (needs it to clean the screen before apply)
- application card or ezlink card or credit card or any hard card (needs it so that you can use it to gently press down the unmask 2cm of the upper portion of the sticky side and slowly work your way downwards until the screen protector is fully applied)
- scotch tape (needs it when dust stick on the adhesive side)

Important points!
* Please apply in a non-dusty enclosed environment which has no wind and fan on.
* Please do not apply too much pressure onto the screen during application.
* Please clean the screen with cloth before applying.


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