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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dating mistakes women make

Dating mistake #1: Don't wait too long. Age does matter. Women are in their prime when they are below 35 years old.

Dating mistake #2: Waiting for that 'tall, dark and handsome' prince. Communication, compassion and being a pillar of support when you're down is more important in a partner than just physical good looks.

Dating mistake #3: Not putting your best foot forward. Admit it, looks can make or break a first date. So, put some effort into your appearance.

Dating mistake #4: Being picky, especially if you're very good-looking. A really beautiful woman sets herself up for a fall when she has unrealistic expectations of her date.

Dating mistake #5: Bringing workplace efficiency to a date. Don't be a corporate climber, just be a feminine woman who's out to enjoy her date.

Dating mistake #6: Interrogating your date. Some women turn first dates into interrogation sessions, which will put the men off.

Dating mistake #7: Being negative. Complaining about all and sundry is the biggest turn-off. Have an open mindset and positive attitude instead.

source: asiaone


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