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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daemon tool - Speed Up Your iPhone/iPod by Removing Launch Daemons

What does Daemon tool do?
It removes unwanted background system processes that load up with your iDevice.

When your iPhone or iPod is turned on, it loads a bunch of background processes that allow it to do various things, like connect to the Internet and receive calls. Since these processes are in the background, they take up a sizable amount of your device's available RAM, and because they're system processes, they can't be killed with SBSettings or MemTool. The good news is that some of these daemons are completely unnecessary and you can simply delete them and regain the RAM they were taking up.

How to get Daemon tool?
You have to jailbreak your iDevice and add source " " (without quotes) in cydia and search for daemon tool.

After installed, it will removed the safe launch daemons from your iDevice.
To restore back the safe launch daemons to your iDevice, just uninstall it.


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Trying this right now.

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