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Friday, January 14, 2011

Polytechnic, ITE, Universities fees to go up

SINGAPORE: Singapore citizen students pursuing diploma courses at the local polytechnics will have to pay higher tuition fees in the new academic year which begins in April.

A joint statement from the five local polytechnics said fees will go up by 2.3 per cent or S$50 to S$2,220 a year.

Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic will also increase the fees for their existing Polytechnic—Foreign Specialised Institution (Poly—FSI) degree courses by three per cent in the new academic year.

Singapore citizen students pursuing such degree courses will pay fees ranging between S$4,980 and S$8,290 per year.

The revised tuition fees will be applied to new and existing students.

The polytechnics said the increase in fees is necessary to help them defray the cost of delivering a high quality education.

They added that they will continue to rely on a substantial subsidy from the government to cover the bulk of their costs.

The polytechnics said the fees for international and permanent resident (PR) students will increase by much more.

This is in line with the government’s move to sharpen the differentiation between them and citizens to reflect the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

Fees for new PR students will increase by between S$480 and S$810, while those for new international students will increase by between S$840 and S$1,580.

Existing PR and international students will also pay higher fees.

The polytechnics said their fees for PR and international students remain competitive when compared with those charged by international and private schools.

They added they will ensure that there are sufficient financial assistance schemes in place so that no student admitted will be denied the opportunity of a polytechnic education because of financial difficulties.

Fees at the Institutes of Technical Education (ITEs) will also increase.

New and existing students who are Singapore citizens pursuing Nitec and Higher Nitec courses will see their fees go up by S$10 each year.

Nitec courses will now cost S$280 a year and Higher Nitec courses will cost S$516.

ITE will also increase the fees for its Technical Engineer Diploma courses by S$50 per year to S$2,200.

New students who are permanent residents will pay between S$970 and S$1,760 more in fees.

Foreigners will see fees increase by between S$1,040 and S$1,820.

Existing foreign and permanent resident students will also pay higher fees but based on the existing fee differentiation framework.

source: Polytechnic, ITE fees to go up

NUS and NTU tuition fees to rise in 2011.

source: NUS tuition fees to rise in 2011
source: NTU tuition fees to rise in 2011


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