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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CopyTrans Manager- Freeware

CopyTrans Manager is a free alternative to iTunes.

Whether you’re at work and you can’t install iTunes or on the road and need to quickly organize your iPod Touch or iPhone, CopyTrans Manager is the perfect replacement to iTunes. No installation needed, you can even keep it on your iPhone to transform CopyTrans Manager into a portable iTunes alternative.

CopyTrans Manager is the first iTunes replacement to fully support the iPad, the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Forget the iTunes synchronization limitations and add music, apps and videos to any iPod Touch on any computer. CopyTrans Manager is portable. You can take it with you on your iPod and organize your iPhone on any PC on-the-go.

Download it here


sell my cell phone said...

Indeed a great alternative software.

Josh Schwartz said...

Wow, I didn't know this before. Now, we can have replace or alternate this software if needed.

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