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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Make Google Chrome your default browser in your iDevice

Google just released Chrome browser for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and it is good browser. However, one problem is that if you open a link in another app your iPhone will always use Safari. If you prefer to use Chrome all the time, BrowserChooser is a tweak that let you do it.

How to get BrowserChooser?
Your iDevice has to jailbreak in order to get BrowserChooser. In Cydia, tap Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add, type and search for BrowserChooser.

How to use BrowserChooser?
After installed BrowserChooser in Cydia, go to Setting menu, tap BrowserChooser, and tap the browser you want to use. Now, when you click on any link in any app (even if it is labelled “Open in Safari”) it will open in Chrome or whatever browser you choose.


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