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Monday, January 14, 2013

Best Free Online Service for Sending and Sharing Large Size Files

Most email systems such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail max out the attached files size at 10MB to 25MB. If you have large file size attached, you will not be able to send out the files. Below are some of the best free online service for sending and sharing large size files.

1. WeTransfer
It is a free platform for transferring large files up to 2GB per transfer. No registration is required and the files are available for two weeks.

2. TransferBigFiles
It is a free(without registering) and paid platform. The free account allows you to send files up to 100MB and 20 recipients at one time. Files are kept for five days with the free account.

3. Files to Friends
It is a very simple website that allows you to send up to 2GB in three steps, without the need to register.

4. TyhoonUpload
The free account allows you to send any files up to 2GB in size. Other paid plans are available that allow you to send bigger files.


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